Victoria Roberts


Administrator at the British Veterinary Zoological Society

Victoria qualified from Liverpool in 2000, but has had over 45 years of breeding and judging exhibition poultry and waterfowl. She was honorary avian (and small furry) lecturer at Liverpool Vet School for 15 years, edited the British Poultry Standards, had a column in Country Smallholding for 18 years, is a Past President of the British Veterinary Zoological Society and currently their Administrator. Victoria has several books on poultry in print and her website is She keeps too many pure breed chickens, a couple of springer spaniels and locums as a small animal vet in her spare time.

Victoria Roberts lectures on the following courses

Backyard Chicken Problems and Solutions: Giving Confidence in Backyard Chicken Medicine and Basic Surgery

Victoria Roberts
Chickens are increasingly presenting in small animal practice due to their increased popularity as a back yard pet. This learning series covers all aspects of chicken medicine from vaccination and prophylaxis strategies to emergency care and basic surgical and anaesthetic techniques. The aim of...
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