Veterinary Academies

Learning designed to improve confidence, expertise and everyday practice life

At Central CPD, we understand the pressures being faced by practice teams and the enormous impact that learning and development can have on the workflows and efficiencies of veterinary practices.

We are delighted to introduce our exclusive Academy programmes. Carefully designed in collaboration with expert veterinary professionals, our academies aim to upskill team members and support career development through the expansion of key knowledge and expertise and instil confidence to enable successful contribution to everyday general practice.

Veterinary Care Assistant

We understand the invaluable work that VCAs do and the impact that upskilling VCAs can have on increasing workflow efficiencies in practice. We have created learning resources in collaboration with expert veterinary professionals to provide informative materials covering core veterinary topics.


VCA Academy Gold Package

8th October 2024 – Central London

As practice-life becomes busier, veterinary care assistants and other supporting roles are increasingly relied upon to assist the team with ensuring the smooth running of the veterinary clinic.

This interactive, one-day course aims to broaden skills for all VCAs, helping to expand upon key knowledge and expertise required for everyday general practice, and enhance confidence to allow VCAs to provide gold-standard patient care.

£195 (+VAT) per VCA


VCA Academy Silver Package

Central CPD’s bespoke learning series is designed specifically for veterinary care assistants and support staff working in small animal veterinary practice.

The series covers a variety of skills to help expand knowledge and develop understanding for this essential role. Learning resources have been created by expert veterinary professionals to provide informative materials covering core veterinary topics.

In addition to the theory and knowledge provided, an emphasis on practical skills is given in these videos. On completion of this course, the veterinary care assistant will be prepared for a career in the veterinary profession and will have the confidence to carry out tasks safely and effectively.

£120 (+VAT) per VCA

Veterinary Receptionist 

As the first point of contact, veterinary receptionists have an important role in delivering compassionate care to clients and their pets. We’ve developed academy to equip client care staff with the essential skills required when managing the high-pressures of the veterinary diary, all while navigating the ethical boundaries of advice-giving and delegation.

Client care academy silver

Client Care Academy Silver Package

Central CPD’s bespoke learning series is designed specifically for veterinary receptionist and support staff working in small animal veterinary practice.

Whether triaging urgent situations over the phone or listening to clients worries in practice, this bespoke learning series will provide client facing staff with further knowledge and develop understanding of common conditions encountered in the veterinary clinic. Learning resources have been created by expert veterinary professionals to provide informative materials covering core areas.

£95 (+VAT)



Client care academy gold

Client Care Academy Gold Package

These two one-day courses will will look at the multi-faceted role of veterinary reception staff, covering crucial aspects of diary management, communication and improving clinical knowledge.

Veterinary reception staff can attend one day for £195+VAT, or both days for £345+VAT and upon purchase will also get access to the Client Care Academy Silver package at no extra cost.

£195 (+VAT)



Student Vet Nurse

Working towards your Vet Nurse qualifications can be stressful, so we’ve developed comprehensive learning resources to aid revision, through both on-demand content and practical demonstrations in a supported setting led by an experienced OSCE examiner.

Student Vet Nurse Academy Gold Package

Student Vet Nurse Academy Gold Package

This one-day course will provide essential revision for the practical OSCE examinations and is suitable for both student and international nurses taking RCVS pre-registration OSCEs and VetSkill OSCEs.

Led by an experienced examiner, the day aims to help take away the stress of these exams and provide an understanding of the OSCE process alongside providing practical demonstrations of OSCE tasks and allowing you the chance to practice them yourself in a supported setting where you can receive essential feedback and build valuable confidence.

£195 (+VAT) per SVN

Student Vet Nurse Silver Package

Student Vet Nurse Academy Silver Package

Central CPD’s bespoke learning series is designed specifically for student veterinary nurses working in small animal practice.

The series focuses on topics to aid revision in practical skills. Learning resources have been created by expert veterinary professionals to provide informative materials, which follow a similar structure to the student veterinary nurses practical skills log.

Purchase of the series gives unlimited access to the materials and SVNs can watch sections in their chosen time and order, giving flexibility over revision whilst building confidence in practice.

£95 (+VAT) per SVN

Vet Nurse

Vet Nurses are essential to the functioning of any practice, and play an important role in supporting vets and providing vital care. Our learning resources are designed especially for vet nurses looking to refresh their skills after time away from practice.

Vet Nurse Refresh Academy Silver Package

Nurse Refresh Academy Silver Package

Our Nurse Refresh Series has been developed to offer you extensive, flexible learning support and help you build your confidence in all the key areas of clinical practice.

So, whether you have been away for a short period of time or for several years, you can feel confident that our series has everything you need to refresh your nursing skills and knowledge.

The Silver Package is a solely online programme which includes 28 hours of core nursing content based on the RCVS PSP requirements, automated CPD tracking and lecture notes, quizzes and CPD certificates.

£150 (+VAT)


Our Vet Academies are designed to help new graduate vets to transition to professional life and refresh skills for those returning to practice after a career break.

Vet Refresh Academy gold

Vet Refresh Academy Gold Package

Wednesday 11th – Friday 13th December 2024 – Central London

This 3-day course from Davina Anderson is a practical, hands-on approach to triggering your muscle memory and getting back into surgery. We cover a wide range of topics from surgical preparation, suturing, management of traumatic and surgical wounds and urinary tract surgery.

An invaluable 3-day course by a Recognised Specialist in Small Animal Surgery and European Specialist in Small Animal Surgery.

£1,895 (+VAT)

Vet Refresh Silver

Vet Refresh Academy Silver Package

The bespoke Vet Refresh Academy has been specifically designed for veterinarians returning from a career break, planning a career change to small animal practice or for GPs wanting to refresh their knowledge on a range of common conditions.

It will provide you with an extensive update in several key areas, with videos created by expert veterinary professionals providing confidence and skills to manage a range of cases.

£495 (+VAT)

Vet Grad Academy

Vet Graduate Academy

We understand that the transition from graduation to practice can be overwhelming…

We have carefully developed a Vet Graduate Academy which complements the RCVS VetGDP programme to provide graduates with improved surgical, dental and ultrasound practical skills and confidence, with specialist-led case discussions, bespoke training programmes and a large CPD reference library to enhance case management and support progression through the EPAs.

We offer three different packages to suit different needs and budgets. From an online-only package which allows graduates to benefit from the VetGDP led graduate academy without the need to travel, to our most comprehensive package delivered in collaboration with Vet Dynamics to cover both clinical and non-clinical training to ensure successful integration into practice life.

From £474 (+VAT)

Whole Practice

Our Calm Clinic Academy allows the whole team to create positive change in their practice.


The Calm Clinic Academy

The veterinary clinic can be a stressful environment for many of our patients, and any resulting fear and anxiety can have long-lasting impacts on their emotional and physical wellbeing, and can compromise the safety of both owners and staff members.

The Calm Clinic Academy is a comprehensive 12-month programme open to vets, vet nurses and practice managers, that will equip delegates with the skills to create positive changes within their practice, and implement a calm, stress-limiting approach to all patients. Delegates will learn not only how to recognise when patients require emotional support, but will gain confidence in delivering support with a holistic, patient centred approach.

Creating a Calm Clinic environment is essential in conditioning a positive emotional and physical response in our patients when they visit us, which in turn facilitates a calmer and safer practice environment for owners and staff.

£595 (+VAT)

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Heidi Horrell
Heidi Horrell
Thoroughly enjoyed it, very-well organized, and well fed! Really learnt a lot
Ľubica Hanusková
Ľubica Hanusková
Central CPD ladies are amazing! They are so thoughtful and always make sure that we are comfortable. The most caring staff EVER. Can't wait to visit and see them again...And the little adorable Pablo. <3 Thank you for always being considerate of our food allergies as well! And the level of education is just top tier. I would give 6 stars if I could. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Marichi Hernández Garciá del valle
Marichi Hernández Garciá del valle
Very nice place and staff!
Raquel Duarte
Raquel Duarte
Great experience
Eden Pickering
Eden Pickering
Really useful CPD, great lecturers and nice environment. Highly recommend.
Emily Clark
Emily Clark
Nice place, well equipped. Great day of dental CPD
Elena Ignat
Elena Ignat
Very enjoyable dental course! Rachel was amazing as always The ladys from Central CPD were very nice and helpful . I already booked another 3 courses!
Pleasant space and very nice staff. Excellent facilities for surgical CPD.
Magdalena Harmala
Magdalena Harmala
I had a very positive experience doing TPLO course with central CPD/securos. Tutors very very knowledgeable, helpful and approachable. Can not recommend enough!
Academies Veterinary Academies Attendee

Billie Sundae

Fantastic course! Very friendly instructors who went into great deal of info. Really appreciated the focus on fear, anxiety & stress
Vet Nurse Practical Attendee

Caitlin Harris

Was a very informative course and I really enjoyed all aspects. The practical lesson was extremely helpful and will really aid in my practice skills.
Vet Practical Attendee


Did a practical dental course here; excellent teaching and facilities. Central London location easy to get to. Would use again for sure.
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