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Vet Courses

Vet Nurse Courses


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The Cat Friendly Hospital Ward

In this 35 min live recorded lecture, Martha Cannon from Oxford Cat Clinic discusses the psychology of cats in the Practice and how to use this knowledge to make the hospital ward as cat friendly as possible. This video was taken from a 6 hours series on the Inappetent Cat, available to view on Vet-eCPD

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  • 7th July - Central CPD Covid-19 Guidelines

    Central CPD are pleased to be able to re-open our training centre, in line with the Government guidelines, which can be found below. In light of the uncertain climate that we will be living in for the foreseeable future, we have updated our booking terms and conditions to allow you to book your Central CPD […]

  • 6th July - New Guidance Available to Help Support Vet Professionals with Assisting Owners with Pet Behaviour Issues

    BSAVA and BVBA have produced a Q&A sheet amid concerns from behaviourists and animal welfare specialists of an increase in behavioural issues in pets occurring with the ease of the Coronavirus lockdown restrictions. The guidance is written for veterinary professionals to pass on to their clients and explains the key behavioural concerns including separation anxiety, […]

  • 3rd July - Extension For Temporary Remote Prescribing During Pandemic

    RCVS have extended the allowance for veterinary surgeons to remotely prescribe POM-Vs for another 6 weeks, until the next review no later than 6th August 2020. Temporary remote prescribing for veterinary surgeons first came into affect in March 2020 in light of the Coronavirus pandemic, to allow vets to prescribe to animals without having physically […]

  • 22nd June - Purina Launch First Ever Cat Allergen-Reducing Food!

    Purina scientists have created Pro Plan LiveClear- the world’s first and only available food to reduce cat allergens in a safe and feline-friendly way. The new kibble diet contains a protein coating sourced from eggs that neutralises the Fel d 1 allergens found in cats saliva. With 1 in 5 people sensitive to the Fel […]

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