WSAVA survey highlights the huge demand for oncology knowledge

Posted 5 months ago

A survey of over 2,000 vets conducted by a newly formed working group found that veterinary professionals around the world rate their knowledge of oncology at just 5 out of 10 on average.

Run in 10 languages during September and October 2021, the aim of the survey was to help WSAVA members improve their level of care for oncology patients and to understand what help members needed urgently.
The average score varied by location, with Chinese respondents rating their knowledge at the highest level (6.6), with Ukrainian respondents rating the lowest (4.2). Overall, respondents ranked the importance of oncology cases for their practice 7 out of 10.

Respondents were also asked to rank the most common forms of cancer seen at their practice, mammary tumours forming 81%, followed by skin tumours at 75% and abdominal tumours at 40%.

When asked which educational resources would be most valuable to members, chemotherapy protocols were requested by 82% of respondents, with 53% requesting information on cancer staging.

The Oncology Working Group
WSAVA created the group with the aim of creating user-friendly tools for use by veterinarians to enhance standards of cancer treatment for pets and owner education.

More information on the working group and access to recommended resources can be found here.

Find out more here about our upcoming, interactive course for nurses who have an interest in oncology and wish to advance their knowledge, whether they are in primary care, or a referral setting.