Vets Encouraged to Use “Baby-talk” with Dogs

Posted 1 year ago

New research from the University of York has led to the suggestion that clinic staff should use an exaggerated “sing-song” voice when dealing with canine patients, in order to help the dogs relax.

Previous studies on communicating with dogs had suggested talking in a high-pitch voice with exaggerated emotion, just as adults do with babies, improved engagement with puppies, but made little difference with adult dogs.

Now, the researchers believe sing-song “baby talk” works for older dogs too, when combined with dog-related phrases such as “good boy”.

One of the authors, Katie Slocombe from the University of York Department of Psychology, said: “It depends what you need the dog to do. If you’ve got puppies coming in for their first checkup and you want them to start having a positive association with the vet clinic then this would definitely be helpful.”.

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