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Surgery of the Brachycephalic Dog

Benito de la Puerta
A six-part learning series for vets with specialist Benito de la Puerta. Brachycephalic breeds are now some of the most common breeds we see in general practice. This series covers not only BOAS surgical procedures but also the other challenging conditions and corrective surgeries that are...

Optimising Emotional Development in Puppies: The Role of the Veterinary Practice

Dr Sarah Heath
A five-part video series with Dr Sarah Heath, which is suitable for both vets and nurses, considering the emotional development of puppies and how the whole veterinary practice team can play a role in optimising the process for their patients. The importance of appropriate advice for breeders...

Basic Laparoscopy & Laparoscopic Bitch Spay

Philip Lhermette
A nine-part learning series of theory and practical sessions with Philip Lhermette. The series provides a practical introduction to laparoscopy and minimally invasive surgery, with the emphasis on basic laparoscopic techniques that can be performed in first opinion practice. The advantages...

Vet Graduate Academy Silver Package

We understand that the transition from graduation to entering the workplace can be overwhelming. Central CPD’s bespoke Graduate Academy supports recent graduates with this progression, complimenting their VetGDP and allowing them to meet their annual CPD requirements with ease. Covering the...

Integrated Approaches to Pain Management

Frances Downing
Multiple Lecturers
A learning series with Frances Downing and Becky Robinson on pain and pain management. The effective management of pain, be it acute or chronic, is an important and essential part of small animal clinical practice. Pain can have a serious and long-lasting impact on our patients; having a...

Feline Chronic Gastrointestinal Disorders

Martha Cannon
This learning series with Martha Cannon offers a practical approach to investigating and managing cases of feline chronic gastrointestinal disease in first opinion practice. The courses will demonstrate common gastrointestinal diseases seen in practice and take a critical view on diagnostic...

Feline Obesity: Causes, Consequences and Management

Lucy Hoile
Feline obesity is a prevalent condition throughout the UK and across the world, leading to numerous secondary medical conditions which could be prevented or controlled by tackling the obesity and returning the cat to a healthy weight. However feline obesity is not an easily treatable condition; it...

Local Anaesthetic Blocks in Dogs and Cats

Sarah Gibson
Multiple Lecturers
A four-part learning series with Sarah Gibson and Heide Klöppel on local anaesthetic blocks that can be used in dogs and cats. The use of local anaesthesic drugs as part of a multimodal approach to analgesia is commonplace in human medicine; they reduce the time patients spend in the hospital,...

Gastric Lavage Procedure

Eleanor Haskey
In this free learning series suitable for both vets and vet nurses, Eleanor Haskey explains the protocol for gastric lavage.

CPR: An Update on Resuscitation

Becky Robinson
This video with Becky Robinson covers cardiopulmonary resuscitation and also a general approach to adverse events.
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