Pets in the Press: The High Cost of Owning French Bulldogs

Posted 11 months ago

In an article titled “French Bulldog owners should expect lifetime of expensive vets bills, warns Royal Veterinary College”, The Daily Telegraph last week highlighted the high cost of owning these animals in terms of veterinary costs.

Dr Dan O’Neill, Senior Lecturer at RVC and the main author, said:

“As well as the health risks associated with their extreme physical features, the public’s insatiable demand for French Bulldog puppies is fuelling a hugely profitable market for unscrupulous dealers and breeders. Many puppies are farmed in very low welfare conditions, often outside of the UK, and then passed off as healthy happy UK-bred puppies. This can contribute to many later behavioural problems, such as aggression.”

French bulldogs are now so popular they are expected to knock Labradors off the top spot to become Britain’s most owned dog later this year.