Isoflurane Shortage Prompts RCVS Announcement

Posted 1 year ago

The RCVS has sought to reassure vets with the following statement:

“In light of the shortages of the product, as recently reported by the manufacturer Zoetis, we would like to reassure members of the profession that any problems that may arise from a shortage of the anaesthetic agent are very unlikely to be considered as a professional conduct issue.

This is provided that, as would always be the case, any clinical decisions made are justifiable, that detailed contemporaneous notes are made, that the prescribing cascade is followed where authorised veterinary medicines are not available and that, where unauthorised medicines are being used, informed consent is gained from the animal’s owner with a full explanation of the risks, potential side-effects and costs, for example, being given before the medicine is administered.”

To read the statement in full click here.