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Emergency Surgery

Paul Aldridge
A six-part learning series for vets filmed at a practical surgery course delivered by specialist Paul Aldridge. Performing an unfamiliar technique in an emergency situation is stressful for all concerned. This learning series aims to give you confidence in performing the surgical techniques...

Toxicology for Nurses

Eleanor Haskey
Poisoning incidents are not uncommonly seen in small animal practice, and nurses are often the first point of contact to triage and provide up to date advice for these often time critical cases. However, with so many potential small animal poisons and varying management strategies, it can be hard...

The Collapsed Patient

Rachael Birkbeck
Managing the collapsed patient is not without its challenges. Time bound critical decision-making skills in a high-pressure environment is often required, while concurrently managing the day to day hospital case load. So how do we go about this to optimise patient outcome? This six part...

The Emergency Patient: ECC in Practice

Tom Towey
This learning series with Tom Towey takes a focused practical approach to the recognition of life-threatening conditions and their stabilisation in first opinion practice. It looks at initial assessment, diagnosis, and stabilisation of common emergency presentations using the facilities typically...

Practical Internal Medicine: Tapping Into Diagnostics

Jon Wray
27th September 2024
The Clinical Skills Lab, London
Pale, feverish and breathless! This highly practical one-day course with Jon Wray FRCVS, will explore the diagnosis and management of anaemia, fever and pleural space disease.
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