The Rodent Patient from A to Z

Course Date:
Monday 24th May 2021
Course Time:
10.00am - 5.30pm
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£295.00 + VAT
Manor Place,
204a Manor Place,
London. SE17 3BN

Rodents such as guinea pigs, chinchillas, rats and hamsters, have become very popular pets and are nowadays commonly seen as patients. However, the lack of familiarity with these species can make their appropriate care challenging. A basic knowledge of their needs and a practical approach can help to build up confidence while treating these interesting pets. Furthermore, the increasing awareness of veterinary professionals towards them has led to an increase in research over the past decade, which may help achieving a definitive diagnosis, establish a more targeted treatment, ultimately improving their standards of care.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Clinical approach to the rodent patient: learn how to deal with rodents as patients, from the physical examination, to common clinical techniques
  • Critical care and common emergency presentations: learn how to recognise and deal with common rodents emergencies
  • Small mammal anaesthesia: learn how to recognise the challenges that anaesthetising rodent patients poses and recognise the importance of continuous monitoring for early recognition of problems
  • The rodent surgical patient: learn how to achieve appropriate patient and equipment preparation, approach rodents from a surgical perspective and recognise the importance of adequate post-surgical care
  • Rodent respiratory disease: how to deal with the dyspnoeic patient