Practical Feline Nursing: Managing Common Conditions

Suzanne Rudd

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Caring for cats within general practice can often be tricky; with most cats feeling highly stressed in the hospital environment, making diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of these patients a real challenge for us.

However, despite these difficulties, our feline friends can be some of the most rewarding patients to nurse.

This learning series with Suzanne Rudd aims to build your knowledge and confidence in feline nursing. It looks at some of the most common challenges and diseases we see in cats and focuses on how we, as veterinary nurses, can provide gold standard nursing care for our feline patients.

5.5 Hours CPD

£55.00 + VAT (Non-Member price)

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  • Description

    Topics covered include:

    • Feline friendly nursing and top tips for common nursing procedures
    • Approach and treatment of the anorexic cat: the impact nurses can have on getting them eating
    • Assisted feeding methods
    • Feline chronic kidney disease: the role of nurses in management and monitoring
    • Feline lower urinary tract disease
    • Feline diabetes mellitus: in-patient nursing and chronic management

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