New Approaches to the Management and Treatment of Atopy and Otitis

Andrea Volk

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A series with Andrea Volk on new ways to treat and manage allergic skin disease and otitis.

Allergic dermatitis offers a lot of difficulties and confusions for pet owners as well as vets due to its complexity – immune system aberration, physical changes of the epidermis, historical beliefs and newer facts as well as secondary changes which worsen the overall problem. In addition, as it is a chronic disease, cases may need veterinary attention for over 10 years. This needs very sound and clear communication between vet and owner as well as vet to vet, vet to nurses, vet to receptionists and vice versa.

This dermatology learning series aims to firstly provide a ‘red line’ to diagnose the major role players for the individual patient, secondly offer a concept for management, which treatment to use when, which is tailored specifically to each patient (and owner) and lastly discuss communication with pet owners and colleagues.

5 Hours CPD

£50.00 + VAT (Non-Member price)

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  • Description

    Topics covered include: 

    • Allergic work up (dogs versus cats)
    • How to get the most out of your food trial
    • Treating skin infections in the 21st century
    • Treatment modalities of atopic dermatitis
    • Unusual presentations of allergic skin disease
    • Otitis externa

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