Anaesthetic Nursing: From Pre-med to Recovery

Course Date:
Friday 6th May 2022
Course Time:
10.00am - 5.30pm
Available Spaces:
£195.00 + VAT
204a Manor Place,
London. SE17 3BN

Anaesthesia monitoring is a significant part of any nurse’s role in practice and an area where protocols can constantly be improved and updated with further learning. From pre-med through to recovery, the effects of anaesthetic agents and resultant changes in parameters need to be recognised and dealt with appropriately and confidently to ensure the safety of our patients.

Join us on this one-day theory course to gain a solid understanding of patient monitoring; what those parameters really mean and how to know when and what changes need to be made, looking at the effects of anaesthesia from a cellular level up.

This course is aimed at nurses wanting to refresh and expand their knowledge in small animal anaesthesia, giving you the skills and knowledge to return to practice motivated to support your anaesthetic patients in new ways.

Topics to be covered:

  • Pre-med – why we should be supporting our patients more at this stage and the effects this can have on the rest of the anaesthesia
  • The physiological effects of anaesthetic and analgesic drugs and what this means in practice for our patients
  • Patient monitoring- how this can be improved to detect changes early, with or without fancy machines
  • Anticipating anaesthetic emergencies and knowing what action needs to be taken
  • Post operative recovery – how we can support patients during this critical time (even in a busy practice)